At AUCOIN'S Asbestos removal is a crucial process that involves the safe removal of asbestos from renovation and demolition sites. Asbestos is a mix of minerals made from microscopic fibers, traditionally used for insulation. It is now banned in the Ottawa due to health risks but is still present in many buildings. As renovations are carried out, trained asbestos removal operatives will continue to be in demand. If you are interested in becoming an asbestos removal operative, you could complete a college course, an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. You should explore these routes to becoming an asbestos removal operative, to find out which is the right one for you. Although some of these options have certain qualification requirements, many employers are more interested in people who are enthusiastic, willing to learn and can follow instructions. You may need a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card to work on a construction site 1. Asbestos removal operatives safely remove materials found to contain asbestos under the guidance of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) licensed asbestos removal contractors 1. If you are looking for an asbestos removal operative job, the average salary ranges from 50,000 to 85,000 per year 1 . We provide asbestos abatement in Ottawa - Kanata - Orleans , Ontario.

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Air Quality Testing and Mold Testing Services

Air Quality testing or mold testing in Ottawa may be necessary in order to determine exactly what we are dealing with.

In some cases you may be experiencing symptoms of mold or you may smell mold but there are no visible traces of mold in your home, in these cases air quality testing is required to determine what we are dealing with and to help pin point the areas in your home with the highest concentrations of mold.

If you are in the market for a new home in Ottawa it is a good idea to have Mold Removal Ottawa perform air quality testing or a mold inspection prior to purchasing your new home, this may save you lots of unpleasant surprises and money and may point out underlying mold problems you may not have known otherwise.

It is recommended to have the air quality tested in your home annually to safeguard against any toxins that may be polluting the air quality in your home. AUCOIN'S

Air quality testing allows Mold Removal determine how elevated the mold is , the types of molds we are dealing with, how toxic the molds we are dealing with and gives us a better idea of the areas that are most affected by moulds in your home.

Swab testing may be necessary, in some cases Mold Removal will be unable to determine if in fact what we are looking at is definitely mold without taking a sample and sending it to a 3rd party Lab (swab testing). Mold comes in many colours and shapes and on certain surfaces it is impossible to verify without doing a swab test.

All of Mold Removal , Air Quality and Mold samples are sent to a 3rd party lab for analysis. We will receive the results within 72 hours and we will go over them with you.

Mold Removal provides all of our mould removal and asbestos services in the following areas:


Nepean, Kanata, Gloucester, Rockcliffe Park, Vanier and Cumberland, West Carleton, Osgoode, Rideau, Goulbourn, Central Ottawa, East End, South End, West End, Marlborough, North Gower, Fitzroy, Huntly, Torbolton.

Areas of Ottawa

Central Ottawa

Byward Market, Centretown, Golden Triangle, Centretown West, Downtown, The Glebe, Lebreton Flats, Lower Town, Old Ottawa East, Old Ottawa South, Sandy Hill

East End- Ottawa

Castle Heights, Robillard Quarries, Finter Quarries, Forbes, Lees Avenue, Lindenlea, Manor Park, New Edinburgh, Overbrook, Rockcliffe Park, Vanier and Viscount Alexander Park

South End-Ottawa

Airport-Uplands, Alta Vista, Billings Bridge, Confederation Heights, Ellwood, Elmvale Acres, Greenboro, Hawthorne Meadows, Heron Gate, Heron Park, Hunt Club, Hunt Club Chase, Hunt Club Estate, Hunt Club Park, Riverside South, Riverview, Hunt Club Woods, Mooney’s Bay, Sheffield Glen and South Keys.

West End-Ottawa

Bel-Air Heights, Bel-Air Park, Braemar Park, Britannia, Britannia Bay, Carlington, Carleton Heights, Central Park, Civic Hospital, Copeland Park, Courtland Park, Glabar Park, Hampton Park, Highland Park, Hintonburg, Kenson Park, Island Park, McKellar Heights, McKellar Park, Mechanicsville, Lincoln Heights, Ottawa West, Queensway Terrace North, Queensway, Michelle Heights, Rideau View, Tunney’s Pasture, Westboro, Redwood, Woodlawn, Woodroffe North and Whitehaven.


Beacon Heights, Beacon Hill North, Beacon Hill, Blackburn Hamlet, Blossom Park, Carlsbad Springs, Carson Grove, Cedardale, Chapel Hill, Chateau Neuf, Convent Glen, Convent Glen South, Cyrville Edwards, Elizabeth Park, Ficko, Gloucester Glen, Hiawatha Park, Honey Gables, Johnston CornersKempark, Leitrim, Limebank, Manotick Station, Orleans, Orléans Village, Orléans Wood, Pineview, Piperville, Ramsayville, Riverglen, Riverside South, Rothwell Heights, South Gloucester, Victory Hill and Windsor Park Village.


Beaverbrook, Bridlewood, Glen Cairn, Harwood Plains, Kanata, Kanata Lakes, Katimavik, Katimavik-Hazeldean, Lakeside, Malwood, Marchhurst, Marchwood, Morgan’s Grant, South March, South March Station, Strathearn and Town Centre Kanata.


Arbeatha Park, Arlington Woods, Barrhaven, Bayshore, Bell’s Corners, Borden Farm, Boyce, Briargreen, Cedarhill Estates, Central Park, Centrepointe, City View, Clearview, Country Place, Craig Henry, Crestview, Crystal Bay, Crystal Beach, Davidson Heights, Fallowfield, Fisher Glen, Fisher Heights, Fraservale, Graham Park, Grenfell Glen, Hearts Desire, Hillsdale, Jockvale, Knollsbrook, Leslie Park, Longfields, Lynwood Village, Manordale, Meadowlands, The Meadows, Merivale Gardens, Navaho, Nepean, Orchard Estates, Parkwood Hills, Pheasant Run, Pineglen, Qualicum, Rideau Glen, Rocky Point, Ryan Farm, Shirleys Bay, Skyline, Tanglewood, Trend Village, Twin Elm and Westcliffe Estates.

Cumberland Township

Avalon, Bearbrook, Beckett Creek, Bella Vista, Burromee, Canaan, Chaperal, Chartrand, Chatelaine Village, Cumberland, Cumberland Estates, Fallingbrook, French Hill, Leonard, Martins Corners, Notre-Dame-des-Champs, Navan, River Walk, Rockland, Sarsfield, Town Centre (Orleans), Queenswood Heights, Queenswood South, Queenswood Village, Vars

Goulbourn Township

Amberwood Village, Ashton, Bryanston Gate, Dwyer Hill, Fringewood, Healey’s Heath, Mansfield, Munster, Old Stittsville, Red Pine Estates, Richmond, Stanley Corners, Stapledon, Stittsville and Woodside Acres.

Osgoode Township

Belmeade, Dalmeny, Greely, Herbert Corners, Kenmore, Marionville, Marvelville, Metcalfe, Osgoode, Pana, Reids Mills, Spring Hill, Vernon, West Osgoode

Rideau Township Marlborough

Baxters Corners, Becketts Landing, Burritts Rapids, Goodstown, Malakoff, Mills Corners, Moores Corners, Pierces Corners

North Gower

Carsonby, Kars, Manotick, Reevecraig, North Gower, Watterson Corners

West Carleton Township Fitzroy

Antrim, Fitzroy Harbour, Galetta, Kinburn, Marathon, Marathon Village, Marshall Bay, Mohr Corners, Panmure, Quyon Ferry Landing, Smith’s Corners, Vydon Acres, Willola Beach, Woodridge


Carp, Corkery, Huntley, Huntley Manor Estates, Manion Corners, Westmont Estates, Westwood


Baskin’s Beach, Buckhams Bay, Constance Bay, Crown Point, Dirleton, Dunrobin, Dunrobin Heights, Dunrobin Shore, Kilmaurs, MacLarens, McKay’s Waterfront, Torwood Estates, Woodlawn

Mold Removal in Ottawa also provides services in:

Gatineau, Hull, Montreal and Laval

Mold Removal has teams throughout Ottawa for Asbestos removal and asbestos abatement, Mold Removal, Mold Remediation and Lead Abatement experience ready to help you maintain a healthy indoor environment for you and your loved ones in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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